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Managing Today's Forests for Tomorrow's Needs

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At Muslow Forestry, Inc. we realize the importance of properly reforesting areas which have been designated for renewal. Muslow Forestry, Inc. will assist you, the landowner, through each step of the reforestation process. Our services, as they relate to reforestation include:

Performing post harvest inspections to determine the type of reforestation necessary to properly reforest the area. There are several stie prepartion procedures available; and they may include chemical, mechanical, or site preparation burning.

The exact acreage to be reforested will be determined through the use of a global positioning system (GPS).

Contracting the appropriate vendors to perform the necessary reforestation tasks. Oversight is taken to insure that all vendors complete the work correctly, and on a timely basis. Furthermore, for the protection of the landowner, Muslow Forestry, Inc. requires all vendors to provide adequate proof of insurance.

A supervisory role is taken during the time of tree planting. Care is taken to insure the trees remain in cold storage until the day they are planted. During tree planting, Muslow Forestry, Inc. monitors the work for proper planting and tree spacing.

Survival plots are taken following planting to ascertain stocking levels and to determine the overall health of the newly established pine plantation.
Muslow Forestry, Inc. will make application on behalf of the landowner in order to take advantage of any cost share funding that is available through eitherĀ stateĀ or federal agencies.

Once again, we place great emphasis on the importance of proper reforestation. Over the past several years, our firm has planted in excess of 1,500,000 pine seedlings per year. It is our goal to assist landowners in establishing a viable plantation using the most cost effective means available.
Pine seedlings must be planted in the winter months while they are dormant